Skilldify India

What is Skilldify India ?

Skilldify India is an alliance of young leaders from all over the country who are all set to lead the revolution ,which would pave the way for a new confident India

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What are we offering

As part of our city chapter premiership program, we are offering our young leaders, a chance to train and work with our exemplary set of thought leaders!

What are the missions

A team of young leaders will be working as one entity, looking after our mission in the city. One amongst them will be chosen to play the role of the supervisor, guiding the others in the team

Time duration

There will be a training period of 8Weaks wherein, our team of thought leaders would instill knowledge in them, an exotic blend of al the necessary skills they require in order to become a successful l leader

What’s more ?

They might even be entitled to some exciting incentives based upon contributions in our mission